Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall flowers....

I went shopping today at the dollar store for some new fall (fake) flowers. They always seem to have the best selection and the price is just right...

I bought an assortment of colors and styles~

One thing I do when I buy fake flowers is I get out the old handy dandy wire cutters and cut them all apart, then I use florist foam in my containers and push them in where I want them. This way I can use different flowers together.

Here is a picture of cutting them apart~

Here they are all mixed up~

Some of my new containers~

I got these clearance priced at our grocery store. I paid $5 for the large pitcher, $3 for the large copper colored container and then $2 for the medium one and $1 for the small one not a bad deal and I love the colors of them.

Here are the containers filled with beautifully colored fall flowers~Don't laugh at my arrangements I am NOT a florist, I just do the best I can...

This is the fireplace area~

A close up of the fireplace mantle~

I also called today and talked with someone from Ft. Knox about Matthew's graduation, they changed the day and I needed some info. Thankfully Roger had decided to take an extra day off so we would have been getting there a day earlier, now we will be getting there just in time. Two weeks from today and we leave. I have so much to do before we go, haven't flown in over 28 years so I am very nervous( I am even leaving a copy of our will on the kitchen table Just in case!!!) but NOTHING will keep me from seeing my young man!! Please keep all of us in your prayers over the next two weeks and especially Early Wednesday Morning (our plane leaves at 12:25 AM) for me on the airplane!!! I know so many wonderful Godly women who read my blog that will keep us in their prayers.. You are all so great to call my friends. I feel so honored to have the friendships I have made here at my blog. May you all have a wonderful Tuesday...


  1. The fall flowers are pretty, but I especially love your containers. Love the copper look! Your fireplace area looks so cozy. I'll pray for you on Wednesday... I'm sure God will be right beside you for the whole trip!

  2. Love the flowers, Joann! I really like the copper containers, too. Great deals! Prayers for your upcoming trip to see Matthew!

  3. That's a great idea with the flowers! I pulled my fall stuff out of the closet today and realized I have next to nothing really. It's all Halloween costumes and jackolanterns. Time to head to the dollar store! I love your fireplace area. So cozy!

  4. You will be so close to me!! I am just 'over the hill' from Ft. Knox. lol Have a wonderful time in our great state! I am praying for a safe trip!


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