Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My new business card...

Today I played around on the computer and made up a business card. I don't have my Etsy shop open yet, but am hoping to get some things in there pretty soon. I have been asked by quite a few people where I got my purse that I made and I figured it would be nice to have a card to give out if they are interested.
I am still working on the purse for the giveaway, it's coming along very look forward to seeing it soon!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone....oh my W. W. weigh in was today, only .2 lost but I am counting it all JOY!!!


  1. Yeah for you!!! I pray abundant blessings on your new business!!!!! Pressed down, shaken together, overflowing blessings.......

  2. Hi Joann, Thank you for your kind comments. I was just thinking this morning that I should make business cards too. We have a program that came with our computer that I may try. We sell beef from our cows and it would be so much easier if I had a business card. Thanks for the inspiration. I have always been tiny, but this past three months I have put on ten pounds. I think it's menopause and I might as well join the club. I do want to care for my health so I think I really will bight the bullet and begin walking three days a week. Horray for you. 2 pounds is 2 pounds and you deserve a pat on the back.


  3. do such wonderful work, I know they would sell really well. I know I love the one I received from you!!!
    And for cards...I got some great ones really cheap through Vista....but I like what you have done too!!

  4. I love it!!!! Can't wait till you open your Etsy shop.

  5. Joann, such a cute card. Good luck on your etsy shop! Have a great weekend. Winona


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