Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One project finished, many to go....

I finally finished those dishtowels that I had started before our trip to Kentucky. I have just not been in a crafting mood. This is very unusual for me so I am thinking it is because I am just getting OLD!!!!

I sat down last night and hastily made a list of things I want to get done between now and Christmas....the list is very long (will post it later today) and don't know how much I will actually get done but I am going to give it my best shot. I just love to sit down in the evenings while watching TV and embroider but lately my mind just hasn't been on anything but that trip to Kentucky! Every day I think how they (the Army) could have made our trip so much better. I need to quit thinking about it and just get back to living my life...So any prayers for me to do that would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what the dishtowels looked like before being packaged and sent to their new home~

I pray that everyone out there has a very blessed Tuesday, I am off to buy some chicken breasts that are on sale right now. I also am making a short trip to Walmart for some paper products that I didn't know we were in need of...see my mind has wandered so many times I am not on top of things like I usually am.....



  1. Oh, Joann, those are just darling! You can never have enough cute dish towels! :D

  2. Those are beautiful.. great job!

  3. Your dish towels are lovely! How about we skip everything but Sunday and Market Day, tho?! :o))) Beautiful job - I am sure the recipient will love them!

  4. I just love these! Where did you get the patterns for these! So country and sweet!


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