Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My timeline for craft projects I would like to finish by Christmas..

Maybe I should have titled this my "Wish list". I always seem to put everything off to the last minute, just ask my husband he says I have too many projects going at one time. He is of course right I always have very grand plans of making all kinds of things and then waiting until just a few days are left to actually make the things. This is very stressful for me so I am going to once again make a list kind of like a timeline of what I want to get done and when I would like to get it done. Then I will see how close I can come to actually accomplishing my goal!!

Timeline of Craft projects to get done by Christmas~

End of September 28/29/30 ~ Work on purse for Giveaway on blog ** List on blog on Thursday October 1st **

First week of October 1-9~Work on bedroom curtains for Katie and Dylan **Needs to be done by October 17th**

First week of October 1-9~ Also work on finishing up 3 Stitchers angel projects **Needs to be finished, packaged and mailed by October 30th**

Second Week of October 10-16th~ Work on purses for two very good friends** Would like them done and mailed out by October 15th**

Third week of October 17- 23 ~ Work on Birthday gifts for some friends ** Would like them finished and in the mail by November 1st**

Fourth Week of October 23-30 ~ Work on 3 fall purses for Estsy shop ** Would like them done and in the shop by November 1st**

First Week of November 1-7 ~ Work on at least 3 more purses Christmas/winter themed for Estsy shop ** Would like them done and in the shop by November 10th**

Second Week of November 8-14 ~ Work on Calendar BOM gifts for family and friends ** Would like them all done by November 25th**

Third Week of November 15-21 ~ Work on Christmas Wish BOM ** Would like it to be finished by December 1st**

Remember this is just a very long wish list, if I can get at least half of what I have listed done I would be very happy.

Now I am off to do some embroidery on the purse for the giveaway...



  1. That is quite a list. I wish you much success in accomplishing all of them. I have a list as well.

  2. Your list made me tired! :o)
    That is what I need to do, too, make a wish list of what I would like to get done by Christmas. I always think of several things in January, that I wish I would have thought to do before Christmas... Maybe keeping a list will keep me on track!

  3. That's quite a list Joann! I'm sure you will get it all done.

  4. I am cheering you on! You can do it! I like how you broke things down into weeks. I may try that.
    I felt SO honored to get the graduation picture of Matthew. Thank you SO much for sending it to me. I have it in my office and pray for him everytime I look at it!


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