Friday, September 4, 2009

The Jesus Book

The Jesus Book ~written by Stephen Elkins, Illustrated by Claudine Gevry.
I have read this book and really liked the illustrations, they are very colorful and cute~
I thought all of the stories were very nicely written , they are short and when you are reading to small children sometimes a shorter story is good. This would be a good book for bedtime not too long but the content is wonderful.
One problem I had with the book is that parts of it are written in past tense, there is a "Dear Parents" page in the beginning that explains why it's written like this . I was reading some of the pages to my granddaughter (almost 3 years old) when she was visiting and I read them the way they were written but when I got to the page where it states "The Samaritans said Jesus was the Savior of the World" it just didn't seem right to me, so I said "The Samaritans said Jesus IS the savior of the world" I don't see anything wrong with this book it is very cute and the stories are very well written, I just have a problem with the past tense parts. I would probably not recommend this book only because of that reason.
This book also comes with a CD which my granddaughter just loved, lots of songs, there are 30 of them on the CD and all very fun to sing along with.

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  1. Joann the pages really do look cute, and I love the new banner for your blog.....


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