Monday, August 31, 2009

The backyard !

My husband is such a wonderful hard working man I just love him so much. We put grass seed in our back yard a few months ago. There were a few spots that just wouldn't grow the grass, we don't know why. One side of the lawn looked great and then the other side was just really splotchy, with 2 real big areas that were just bare. Roger decided to just order some sod in the same type of grass as what we seeded. It arrived here on Saturday morning around 7AM on August 22 and by 3PM my hard worker had put it all in, all by himself. This was a big job, around 400 Square feet of sod. First he had to rent a sod cutter to take all the old part out and then he had to cut a lot of the rolls to fit. He worked so hard and diligently until it was done. We now have a beautiful lawn all thanks to my very wonderful husband.
Here are some pictures of it where he had cut it out ~

I waited a couple of days for it to get settled before I took the after pictures~

Here it is all done~

It is so nice to have our backyard finally done, now what to do with my ugly snapdragons.. I put them around our tree and I am thinking of just pulling them out and replacing them, I wanted some color for around the tree but they only bloomed a little bit and now they are just an ugly green. I will be planting bulbs this fall but still want something in there for now. Will have to do some looking when I am out running errands tomorrow.



  1. I've not been checking my favorite blogs as much I would have liked (or posting on my own. Been so busy!) Your lawn looks wonderful! I would just want to go lay down on it and watch the clouds. I know what you mean about snapdragons! I had a container of them and they will bloom and then just stop and then bloom again. Just when I decide to throw them out the next day there'll be blooms again. I saw potted mums with just buds at the grocery store today. I love seeing that. It means Fall is near! I'm going to get some new containers and put a pretty fall display out front this year. Having this new home makes me want to decorate for seasons more. If it's not quite time for mums there yet, maybe marigolds? They seem to just keep blooming. Or coleus? They just have those pretty colorful leaves. I have a container of those and love them! Have fun!

  2. The grass looks wonderful... I can almost "feel" it on my bare feet!


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