Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family reunion and the fair...

Friday was a busy day for me, it's my grocery shopping day so I am out of the house for quite a while. I went by our favorite fruit stand and got some white peaches, nectarines, cantaloupes, a watermelon and a honeydew melon. The fruit is so sweet tasting.

I have also been working on some sewing projects, this is a purse I am working on, this is the top part before I did any stitching on it~

And in this picture you can see where I added some embroidery to the top section. I just used the fabric itself for a pattern and followed some of the branches and then added some leaves~

Saturday was Roger's family reunion, they have one every year and this years was real fun. Here are some pictures from the day~
Roger's Mom, Roger, Me holding Molly, Jennifer, Dylan in front of Jennifer, Chris holding Katie~

Dylan and some of the kids in the raft on the river~

Dylan and Katie down by the river, Dylan just fell on his behind and Katie thought it was so funny~

Katie in her snazzy sunglasses~

Katie and Roger sitting together~

Katie with Roger and Molly down by the river~

Chris and Dylan in the water~

Chris and Katie in the water~

Jennifer, Dylan and Katie by the river~

Katie swinging~

Dylan and Katie on the teeter totter~

Dylan and Katie eating their lunch~

Katie going down the BIG slide~

Everyone had a wonderful time and it was nice to see all of his relatives that we don't see very often. We went home from the reunion around 6PM and then decided to go to the fair for the evening just Roger and I. At the fair one of my favorite things other than a gigantic corn dog is to see all the pretty quilts. I took some pictures of the ones I liked the best. Mostly I liked the beautiful stitching on the quilts. We got back home after the fair at around 10PM it was a very filled day, but we had lots of fun.
Sunday, we slept in and took it pretty easy, Roger did all the outdoor work and I did do a load or two of laundry but that was about it. This has been a very enjoyable weekend. Fun with family and friends.

Here are the quilt pictures~

I hope everyone has a very blessed week.

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  1. That fruit looks yummy. Loved this post!!
    The quilts are beautiful, but did you notice not one of them is hand quilted? Fairs and quilts!! Like old time revisited....they needed some hand quilted quilts in there!


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