Monday, August 31, 2009

Some pictures and stories of the past few weeks...

The weekend of August 15th we had a small get together for our son in laws birthday. It is so nice to have the back patio usable now and we enjoyed a very simple meal of hot dogs, chips, potato salad (made by my Mom) and of course cake for dessert.

Here is part of the back patio and some of the guests~

Chris, Jennifer and Katie with his cake~

Katie has a fascination for our fountain, can you tell~(she took her little chair out there so she could sit by it!!)

She wanted the purple balloon on the cake~(she only ate a small amount of the frosting)

We all had a great time and Roger and I feel so blessed to have our family so close that we can enjoy these types of gatherings. Katie has a birthday coming up in October and she wants it to be a princess party (well honestly I want to do a princess party too :) don't know if it will be here or at their apartment. Her favorite princess is Snow white so I am already on the lookout for anything with Snow white on it :)
Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I am currently working on the purse for my Fantastic Fall giveaway. I am really hoping to have it finished by Friday September 4th but don't want to hurry too much on it and have it turn out horrible. I would rather spend some time and have it look very snazzy!!


  1. Looks like everone had a lovely time!

  2. Loved all the pictures!! I really liked the one of Katie with her little chair in front of your fountain. TOO cute!!!

  3. I'm with Katie, I would be sitting by the fountain too! I love the picture with the flag in the background! Very pretty! A Snow White party will be fun!!! Good luck finding all the goodies.


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