Friday, August 7, 2009

friends swap arrived today!!!!

Today I got my package from my swap partner Debbie . What wonderful things she sent

First thing I seen when I opened the box was this wonderful little card...isn't the quote so true?

Next thing I see after taking the tissue paper off is all these cute little gifts so pretty and so many of them!!

Here they are all lined up~

Look at all of these beautiful gifts~

F~ Folk Dolls (three of them)
R~ Rubber stamp ( Psalm 37:4)
I~ Ink
E~ Englebert mug
N~ Notebook
D~ Dishcloths (2 hand knitted!! WOW)
S~Santas (2 Santa pins)

She will probably be disapointed when she sees my box, I forgot to add a note and the gifts aren't wrapped very well, took all I had just to get the box shut!!!

Thanks so much Debbie, I will treasure everthing you sent but your friendship so much more..

Blessings, Joann


  1. Oh My in the world would you ever think that I was disappointed by your wonderful, thoughtful package!!! I loved everything in it....and I was coveting the tote when I saw you post much fun to find it (as well as all the other treasures) in my box!! I have been unable to get to my blog account this I am working on it. I will post pictures of your package tonight or in the morning. Thank you again for being such a sweet new friend....and i am so glad you liked your package!!!

  2. What a sweet package of goodies!! I am participating in my first swap in a long time... a Fall swap. I'm very excited.


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