Friday, August 28, 2009

New fall purse...

Today I finished my fall purse, I have been working on it for quite a while. I posted some of what the embroidery part looked like a while back. I worked very hard on it the past few days and got all that embroidery done. My fingers are just numb from doing it all but I think it turned out real nice. I just love the colors and it fits everything just perfect.

This is what the embroidery part looked like a few days ago~

New fall purse~

Inside lining ~

With all my things inside~(I wanted to make sure my planner and my small Bible fit in nicely)

Close up of the top part of the front of the purse~

Close up of the embroidery~

I have 4 new purses I am working on, some for friends and one for the fall giveaway I am having in September. I decided that I won't be doing such detailed embroidery on the ones I am working on because it just took so long to get done. They will still have embroidery just not as detailed as mine. I got quite a few purses and linings cut out the other day with this fabric I picked up the other day...lots of nice fall colors~

I pray that everyone has a very blessed weekend,


  1. Great looking purse! What detailed embroidery. Very, very nice. That's a lot of work. I know you'll enjoy carrying it.

  2. Girl!!! That bag is awesome... and the embroidery is UNBELIEVABLE. I want it when you get tired of it. :o)

  3. Its Beautiful!!!! I still haven't found time to make my Fall bag, but hope to soon. Good job on yours!

  4. That is some detailed embroidery! It is stunning!
    I love all the fabrics you put into this purse. VERY nice!!!

  5. This just gorgeous!! You are very talented! Awesome job!


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