Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Look what came in the mail today!!!

It's kitchen scrubbies!!!!

I had ordered these a few days back and am so happy they got here. I am going to be giving them with hand crocheted dishcloths and some embroidered dishtowels for birthday presents for some of my friends.

I got my purse cut out, well actually I had enough fabric to cut out two purses and I will start the embroidery tonight. When I have the second purse all done I will be having a Fall Giveaway so be looking for that probably the first part of September, remember I am real slow at embroidery :)

I got another letter from Matthew said and I quote "Can't wait to see you on family day 46 days left." Just what this Mom needed to hear. I think my stress level has gone down from RED to maybe Red/orange....Trying to keep myself busy and not think about him but so far it hasn't worked...I think about him every minute!

I thank any and all who have left comments and or sent e-mails that are praying for Matthew, it means a lot to me. It is so nice to have true friends.



  1. Where did you order the scrubbies from? I love those and had some a long time ago but can't find them any more. My mom said she found some a a local farmers market, but can not remember where.
    Matthew is going to be wonderful! Boot camp is tough but he will more than survive it and will come out the other side a man. After that, life for him will be good...all training and friends.

  2. The scrubbies are so pretty. I've never seen any like that before. So glad Matthew is ready to see his mom... what a great feeling, huh? I check in with you everyday to see what you are up to.... looks like you are staying busy!

  3. Those scrubbies look fantastic!!! :)

    Thank you so much for your incredibly thoughtful comment on my blog...I truly appreciate your kind words and that you take the time to come by and read!!! :)
    Oh my goodness...I was looking at your sidebar..and see you get up at 3:30!!! WOW! I am an early bird but not THAT early! I don't know how you stay up a wink past 9...I would collapse! LOL


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