Monday, January 19, 2009

What a wonderful far!!

I actually got some sleep last night, though not on my own. I ended up taking some Tylenol PM but at least it did get me in bed by Midnight, I was up around 9AM. Today I am working some more in the craft room. There seems to be so many little boxes and such that need to be gone through. They take so much time but if I don't do them now they will just continue to sit here and I won't know what is in them...

Sunday was a very good day Football wise...I am a huge Kurt Warner fan, have been since he was with the Rams so I was overjoyed when they won their game especially since they beat the Eagles (one of the teams I like the least). Kurt Warner has always been one to say right up front that he is where he is because of his Lord and Saviour, I like that about him...Then onto the later game The steelers beat the Ravens and I was very happy about that too, the Ravens being another one of the teams I don't care for me the Superbowl will be fun to watch if either team wins I will be happy but I really want the Cardinals to win...if they don't I guess it would be okay for the Steelers to win.

Today I have nothing planned other than working in the craft room and doing some laundry. Isn't that an exciting day. Probably no actual crafting will get done but I plan on moving some things around in the craft room so that is going to take some time. Roger is planning on working on the grout (replacing it) in the kitchen some time this week so I need to be ready to move things out of the way when he gets ready. When he is done with that I will finish up the stenciling around the other part of the kitchen.

I got a ton of library books when we went on Friday, lots about quilting and some for just reading..I also picked one up about journaling. I would love to journal or write something down everyday but I just don't seem to keep up with it.

Well I hope everyone has a great start to their week. With everything that is going on in our country please remember to keep the United States of America in your prayers, sadly I think we will be needing lots of prayers in the near future..Tomorrow we will be ushering in a new president and even though he was not my choice I will be praying for him, to have wisdom.


  1. I like how persistent you are about getting the craft room in order. Once in a while I start a project that seems a bit overwhelming and I walk away from it for a while.

    I'm not much into football but I have to respect any athlete that credits God as he should. That's a major influence on our kids.

    I hope you enjoy your library books :)

    Have a blessed evening!

  2. sounds like an overall good productive day! I think this year's Super Bowl will be a good one! a fun to watch one too

    praying for our new president too; he was not my choice but he is our president (or soon to be) so I'll pray for the Lord's wisdom upon him; I fear we have lots of hard times ahead but I trust in the Lord so we'll wait on him :)


  3. So glad you got some sleep! A little help is better than a sleepless night. I slept from 11 to 5:30 last night so that was waking up every hour or so.


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