Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday at the Allen home..

Today Roger and I did some things around the house. I mainly did some laundry, and Roger did vacuum the entire house. We both did the monthly cleaning and maintinence of the aquarium. While we were doing the aquarium it started to rain and then it got lounder and harder. When I looked out side this is what I seen~

Then there was some lightning and some very loud thunder, we don't get lound thunder here in the valley of California so when it's loud it's very loud.

I took this picture as the hail was coming down on the top of the gazebo~

And this was taken out back in the back yard~

I know anyone who lives where it rains hard and a lot probably isn't too impressed, but rarely do we get such a soaking rain with thunder and all.

I came into the craft room and took a look around and decided to take 3 pictures, to show what I plan on working on starting Monday...I will hopefully post an after picture sometime this week.

This is the shelving above where the computer is going to go~

This is some short shelving right next to the window~

And this is the shelving above where the sewing machine is going to go~

I know exactly how I want the craft room to look like when I am done but getting it to look like that will definately take some time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and will have a very wonderful week ahead.

I can't believe it is almost February, this month has gone by so fast but yet the days seem to drag on. Last night I didn't go to bed until 7AM this morning, I ended up sleeping till Noon, I don't know when this sleep pattern disfunction is going to end but I would like it to end as soon as possible. I was using some Tylenol PM to help me get to sleep for a couple of nights and then I realized that I take medication that also contains some of the same ingredients and it was making me feel sick. I take a pain medicine for my back and my Doctor has doubled my dose so I am getting used to the new amount. This may be some of the reason for the lack of sleep, that paired with the stress is just doing me in. I pray for this new week to give me strength and diligence.

Have a great start to your week Monday morning..


  1. Hi Joann,

    I really like the shelving you have in your craft area. I would like to have some shelves like that.

    One thing that really motivates me to work in my sewing room is to look at other people's sewing rooms. If you google, "Sewing Room Pictures", you will be amazed at all the sewing rooms that are on line. I love to sit and look at them and it gives me ideas for mine.

    Good luck with your work this week and hope you are sleeping better too!

    Debbie J.

  2. Hi Joann,
    We get those rains like you mentioned, here at our house. I don't mind them in the summer but during the winter, it's a bit too much for me. I hope all is going well with your organization today.

    Thank you for your kind words this weekend,

  3. I only have trouble sleeping for a week every month, so I am catching up and feeling more rested. I will pray for you. Nothing worse than no sleep.
    I bet you really could use that rain!! I miss a nice thunderstorm. We get lots of them in the most of the year except for during the winter of course.
    I can't wait to see your finished craft room!

  4. I bet once you get the craft room organized its going to look great! the work/effort will be definitely worth it!

    I'm in So. Calif; we got a bit of rain but not the thunder/hail like you did

    enjoy the week ahead


  5. Hi there Joann!!! I am glad you popped by to leave me a message at HSB because I think when you started yoru new blog I lost you! LMSO

    I can't wait to see what you do with your craft room! I can't wait till I have my own craft room!

    BTW, how are you doing on your weight loss??? I am just getting started, because I had to take a few weeks off when I had a cold. ICK!

    God's Blessings,
    Amy Jo

  6. Wow, that really is a rare treat! It was nearly snowing at my Parents' house yesterday (in the foothills of the Inland Empire). Just missed it by this much, lol!

    Can't wait to see your craft room when it's done! :D


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