Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday evening visit...

Tonight I was visited by this little sweetie~

Here she is playing with the toys that we have here for her and Dylan~

This picture I took because she was laying so you could see the pocket of her jeans, we bought this outfit for her for Christmas and I thought the pocket was so cute~*I was able to figure out how to make the picture bigger when you click on it, so you can see the back pocket*

Of course she had to play with Molly~

And also of course Molly had to give her a big slobbery kiss~

She lost one of the dog toys behind the couch and she was looking for it so I just had to get a picture of her leaning over the back of the couch~

And here she is with her pouty face after getting told not to be too close to the surround system speaker~

Then her and Jennifer and Molly of course sat and looked at some pictures~

I also had to take a picture of our little baby (Molly)she is so cute~

She came with her Mommy and I of course always get the camera out to take pictures. I usually take about 30 or so and end up getting only about 10 to come out. She is so wiggly that most of them are just blurrs!!

Today was a very lazy day around our home. I did basically nothing all day other than make dinner. That is pretty sad, I am still having a hard time sleeping. Right now it is 3AM and I am not the least bit tired.

Yesterday(Friday) I went over to my Mom's house to visit with her and one of my sisters. It was a very nice visit. I was there till about 4pm and then came home, made dinner and then Roger and I went grocery shopping..aren't we the exciting couple a date at the grocery store!!

Tomorrow is Church and then maybe getting a plan together for doing the craft room. I hope to have some progress pictures to show you all this week sometime. I do have to say though that at the moment I just haven't been too motivated to get in there and do anything.

I hope everyone has a very blessed Sunday


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