Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday evening post

Well my trip to Walmart was kind of succesful and kind of not. They could not find the memory book that I had ordered back in the beginning of Dec. that they said would be here before Christmas!! They did however have lots of storage units I looked at. I found exactly what I want and how much they cost, but since Roger is now going on his 3rd week without a paycheck I can't go out and just buy things. So for the time being I am making due with what I have and then when the time is right and we can afford them I will get the storage things. I did also buy a half yard of batting to practice on for quilting. I have such nice friends in blogland that are so helpful and willing to help someone who has no idea what she is doing!! I found lots of scraps of fabric to use for the practice.
Saturday we finished up moving my Mom's things and it was a very nice day unlike the day before when it started to rain real hard. So now everything is moved. I went and visited with Jennifer and the kids for a little while. They had some new hamsters to show me that they got with Christmas money from my Mom. Katie just squealed with delight when the little hamster went rolling along the floor in one of those balls, she just has to be reminded to not pick it up and shake it....
I hope everyone has a very wonderful start to their week.


  1. You will enjoy quilting. The only problem with it is, once you begin ALL other crafting goes to the wayside. I don't know too many quilters that do other crafting too, but all of them say, they "USE" to do this or that. It is so much fun that you want to spend all your crafting time doing just that!

  2. Hi Joann,
    Sorry that Walmart lost your book. I'm sure you'll do very well at quilting, I've seen the other work you do ;) We just have to make do around here too and kinda plan for later when we want extras, but it's all good. The hamsters sound like fun lol! Have a great week!

    PS...I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter ;)



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