Saturday, January 17, 2009

Craft room organizing...

Okay sorry I should have posted about a day or so ago but things here have just been hectic. I am not sleeping good, one reason I am up at 3AM posting on my blog!! I have been real stressed out about the no paycheck thing, and then I am also dealing with an issue that is still unresolved...
Anyway I have been trying to keep myself busy, I am still working in the craft room, but pretty much all I am doing right now is organizing and going through things so there isn't much to show for the work I have done..
I did finally get most of my embroidery thread organized, I say most because I just know that once I start going through the rest of my things I will probably find more.

Here is what they started out looking like~

This is how they ended up in the boxes~

And this is after I labeled them(sorry it's a little blurry)~

I am also going through all of my sewing patterns, trying to weed out the ones I know I will not be using and trying to get them into three categories, #1 Clothing, #2 Home decor, #3 crafts. I store them in the clear shoe boxes without the lids on and that way I can see the tops and this seems to work for me..

Here is my big mess of patterns~

Some of my favorite Christmas craft ones~

These are the ones I picked out for making things for my sewing room..and for a purse~

I also have been busy embroidering, I finished the Calendar BOM with the snowman on it, and the Verandah views, under the willow. The Calendar ones I am going to make into small wall hangings and plan on doing a few sets of them as I think they would make real nice gifts for Christmas and they are so quick to make.

This is what the snowman looks like(I did it in redwork, the fabric behind it is the fabric I am going to use to go around it))~

This is Under the willow(The fabric behind is the one I will be using around it)~

I also finished up the first part of the Valentine gift I am making and it looks like this~

My next embroidery project will be to finish up the Christmas wish BOM, I am really having fun doing these embroidery projects...

I had planned on posting a post today about this issue that I am dealing with but that will have to wait for another day as it is time for me to finally get to bed..
Have a wonderful weekend


  1. I get the no paycheck thing, but pull your faith out and your boot straps up and trust that God will see you through! He will take care of us! I think we have a very HIGH calling at this time. (I have been dealing with this for the same amount of time as you have, so I understand). We are are created to be helpmeets to our husbands and when could they possibly need us more than when they are going through a layoff? They are feeling badly about not is who they are. MY focus is on him...making life better for him in what ever little way I can. Actually he has spent all this time doing things for me and the kids, which makes him feel like he is taking care of us, which he is. Remind your husband of how important he is. Tell him that the silver lining in all of this is that you "get to" see him more. You do your part and let God do his. And for crying out pete!! Get some sleep girl!!!!
    I am praying for you!!!! Love ya!!

  2. Akmost forgot....your room organizing is going great!! Floss all organized in a box...not too many things prettier!
    Your projects are all just beautiful!

  3. Wow just getting all that thread and the patterns organized was a lot of work! I enjoy your blog so much, the valentine project is coming out great too.

    I wanted to thank you for your prayers this week,

  4. Did you get some sleep?? I am praying that you are sleeping the sleep of a baby...problem is I am praying in the middle of the night while I lay awake from hot flashes!!! LOL
    Anyway, I am thinking of you my friend!

  5. your thread looks yummy all organized like that. What a great job. And you have gotten so much done. I am sorry you have to deal with the 'not so fun' stuff in life.


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