Friday, January 21, 2011

After a long wait at the airport last night.....

My son Mattie finally got here last night right before Midnight. I left my home on Thursday at about 2pm and went to pick up my Mom, then we went over to pick up Jennifer and the kids. We got to the airport at about 5:30pm and just when we are pulling into the parking area we get a phone call telling us that Mattie is on a different flight, a later flight...a much later flight!! He was originally going to be coming in at 6:55pm and now he wasn't going to be there until 10:50pm and then that time turned into 11:45pm. So we waited and waited and then waited some more and finally he was here.

The gate where he was going to come out of, very empty~

To be able to get to this gate you have to have a boarding pass and go through securtiy, so guess What I got!!

A boarding pass(my special ticket)~

His plane arrived at 11:42pm and when he came out I made sure to give him a great big hug, he is the best hugger there is

Me and Mattie~

We left the airport after paying the outrageous fee of $27 for parking and started on our long journey home. We dropped Jennifer and Matthew and the kids off at Jennifer's house then I went to drop my Mom off at her apartment and I made it home a little after 4:30am. I was strangely wide awake and decided to stay up and get some laundry done. Now it's a little after 1:30 and I am starting to get so tired.

I may take a nap later but right now I am still doing laundry.I am putting off grocery shopping till another day other than bananas we have enough food to last for a few days.

Praying that everyone has a very blessed and wonderful weekend.



  1. How wonderfully exciting! Enjoy your visit!

  2. I pray that you guys are having a wonderful weekend... and Mattie again I would just like to say thank you for what you and your fellow soldiers have done and are doing for our great country...May God bless you all

  3. Congratulations! How wonderful to have him home again. He's such a handsome young man! Enjoy your time with him!!!


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