Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday greetings for my son

I am enlisting the help of my fellow blogger friends to make my sons 21st birthday a happy one. Mattie will be turning 21 in April when he is in Iraq, so no celebrating with him. I was thinking about this today and thought how nice it would be if my friends would send him a birthday card, maybe it would make his day a little brighter. If you are interested in sending him a card his address is under his picture on the right side bar. Please don't send any gifts that is not why I am doing this I just know it would be a wonderful suprise to get lots of cards from all over the place. Right now it seems to be taking about 2 weeks for mail to get to him and his birthday is April 24th so make sure to mail early probably by the 1st of april just to make sure it gets there. You may also want to mention that you know me through my blog or he may wonder who in the heck is this from.

Thanks in advance, I plan on blogging again come next week. I took an unexpected break for a while.


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