Sunday, January 16, 2011

Now we wait....

We are now waiting for two things to happen this week. Monday morning we should be having the carpet put in the craft room, spent many hours getting it ready this weekend and of course the most important thing we are waiting on is Mattie coming home. We are thinking he may be here by Friday!! I am so excited for him to come home. But Friday seems like it is so far away. This weekend went by very slow.Today while watching football with Roger I looked at him and asked "is it still sunday?' sadly it still was.

I have taken some pictures of the craft room and will take some after pictures tomorrow after the carpet is in. Then I will post them all so you can see what it looks like right now.
I will have no internet plugged in tomorrow but will be back in a few days maybe even tomorrow night.

I pray that everyone has a wonderful Monday and entire week.


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