Friday, January 14, 2011

We Knew it would be coming.....

Now that we have an actual date of Roger's last day on his job I just feel kind of numb. February 25, 2011 will end Roger's temporary job.The good things are he won't have to drive that stupid outrageous commute every day and I will get to spend lots of time with him. Actually we feel truly blessed, this job was supposed to last for 6-9 months, he started working on May 19, 2009 so any time after that we felt was just abundant blessings from our God. We have both talked about this time and we realize that we don't need to worry about another job because God already has our plans made up, we just don't know what they are and of course we tend to worry but we shouldn't. Worry you know how hard it is to not worry, well let me tell you it is very hard!!!We are praying that he will be eligible for unemployment so we won't have to live off of our savings. I have looked up unemployment benefits and it seems like the maximum amount that you can get is $1800 a month and we can easily live on that.

Monday we are having my craft room carpeted, made a few adjustments in there and I will post some pictures after it is all done. I have done very little crafting but I am blaming that on not having a craft room I can use and not saying that I am just being lazy this past weeks, well I have been sick for about a week now. Started feeling much better on Thursday and went grocery shopping today so I guess I am back to normal now :)

I took those scarves I made the grandkids over to them a couple of weeks ago but forgot to take a picture of them with the scarves on, they seemed to like them.
Mattie has been calling pretty regular, this past week every morning except Wed and today. He will be coming home on leave in a few weeks don't know exactly when but we are all very excited about it. I have been buying him some things he wanted for when he gets here, some clothes and a cell phone for getting in touch with all his friends and I still need to get him a pair of shoes.

My 2011 certainly didn't start out too great but I am still claiming my joy in Jesus!!

I am thinking about joining in the Bible study of the book of James on the 17th through the good morning girls web site. I think it will be interesting. I was thinking of doing another Bible study too but then figured it would be too confusing for me to do two at one time.

Prayer requests, please keep my grandson Dylan in your prayers, he has been having a few problems at school and needs to be lifted up.
Roger's job situation, praying for a real good permanent job, one with benefits would be so wonderful.
Prayers for me I won't go into great detail but would like to also be lifted up.
thank you so much my very good friends



  1. Joann I'm so sorry about Roger's job. Praying Unemployment benefits will work out and that he finds a permanent job close to home! Also praying your other requests. Take care and be well.

  2. God bless you, Joann... I know the uncertainty of it can make you worry. I pray that Roger will find work soon. My 2011 hasn't been as happy as I thought it would be either.... and it's only Jan. 15. Let's pray for each other. ((hugs))


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