Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Catching up....*very photo heavy*

Well so many things have been going on since my last post. November is always a very busy month for us. We have 6 birthday's in the month of November, our anniversary and then Thanksgiving and then onto the getting ready for Christmas.

So let me back up to where my last post before Thanksgiving left off

Roger and I got a new comforter set for our bed, we had been looking for one for the longest time and we just happened to see this one at Walmart one day and it was a King size, most comforter sets out here are California King size and they are different sized than a regular King. We just love it, the picture doesn't really show the real color it's a beautiful chocolate brown with some pretty gold accents on it and I loved the fact that it came with some accent pillows. My favorite pillow is the one that is a roll, it is so nice to see the bed all made with the pretty pillows on it.

New comforter set~

close up of the pillows~

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I drove over to Brentwood where my daughter lives to go to a little play that Dylan's kindergarten class was doing it was called "No Turkey for Perky" it was real cute, they sang lots of songs and I was so happy that I was able to attend and so was Dylan.

My drive to Brentwood started with fog,not bad fog but a little~

The whole class~ (sorry they are so dark)

Dylan with his Turkey hat on~

Katie with Dylan's hat on~

Katie in front of their Christmas tree~

Katie in the ACU outfit from Mattie~ (he actually sent it for Dylan but we put it on Katie cause it was just too cute)

I also did my Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving this year, normally I do it right after Thanksgiving but this year since I am very paitently waiting for Mattie to come home on the 18th of December the quicker I put the decorations the quicker I think the 18th will come, I know kind of dumb but hey all I have to do is fool myself into thinking the days are going by quicker and I am pretty easy to fool :) :)

Our Stockings on the fireplace~

Our living room decorated~

Our tree~

The garden window~

The dining area~


As I mentioned I do a very easy, non stressful, basic Thanksgiving. Roger loves it and so does our family. About 3 years ago we (Roger and I) decided it was time to start doing our own family holidays. We had up till that point always gone to someone else's house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So we did our first Thanksgiving at our home and it went well, the turkey even turned out pretty good for it being the first time I had made one :) we had Jennifer and Matthew over for Thanksgiving at our home and then we went over to my Mom's for dessert, that was nice in two ways, we still got to see our family and have yummy pie but we also had no left over pie at home!!

Then came Christmas, we had our first Christmas morning at our home when Dylan was little, we did kind of the same thing as Thanksgiving, we had breakfast at our home and present opening and then went over to another family members house for a late lunch.

This is what our Thanksgiving consisted of this year~

Our Turkey ~ Yes it was over 23 pounds but I did not pay $23 dollars for it, I got it for $8.99

Our Homemade?? rolls and butter :)~

Potatoes and Homemade??? Gravy :)~

Things to make green bean casserole~

And of course some Homemade??? stuffing :)~

all served on this fancy dinnerware :)~

Here is the Yummy turkey~

Our Table all ready for Thanksgiving~

Everyone sitting at the table~

Like I said it was very easy and basic!!

I took this picutre of Jennifer and her family for her so she could get some Christmas photo cards made~

This is Roger with Katie at my Mom's house~

Yesterday the 30th was Roger's 50th birthday, I bought him one of those GPS Thingy's~

And I also got him some new DVD's~

We had pizza and salad for dinner and watched New Orleans beat the Patriots on TV. It was a very nice Birthday for Roger~ any day when the patriots get beat is a good day for him :)

I also received in the mail yesterday a new book to review from Thomas Nelson it's called NKJV Greatest stories of the BIBLE~

Front cover~

Inside pages

I just read one part so far and really like it, I will post my actual review later but it does seem like a very nice book for a gift.

Well I guess that is all for now, didn't mean to end up writing a book but wanted to make sure I included all that's been going on. I hope I remembered everything and put them in the right order.....



  1. Wow, you've been busy. The house looks pretty all decked out for Christmas... I LOVE your garden window and its snow babies. I really want a window like that over my kitchen sink. Your basic Thanksgiving looks great... tasted just as good as everyone else's and you truly were able to enjoy it! Good job!

  2. The house looks great and so are the pictures! But I haven't seen a recent picture of Roger and he looks GREAT! You both are an inspiration! I've hit 21.6 pounds lost on WW and people are starting to notice. :) Congrats to you both!

  3. Your family seems so sweet together. God has really blessed you.


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