Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This and That

I did the last of our Christmas shopping this past weekend and yesterday now i just need to wrap everything, I really don't care for wrapping presents but will do it anyway.
Yesterday I also got to talk with my very good friend, she moved to the midwest a few years ago but she sends me lots of pictures and we talk all the time so it's nice.She will be having all of her grandchildren home for Christmas this year and she is excited about that, so I am excited for her.

I finally remembered to a take a picrture of our front porch

I also took a picture of my craft room shelves, boy do they need to be organized~

I have a whole bunch of cotton yarn and have been making some dishcloths for Christmas presents~

ANd of course I am still counting down the time until Mattie comes home, today marks 10 days till he comes home :)



  1. I made dishcloths like that for Christmas too - yours look like candy cane stripes!
    Your front door is so inviting!
    I have been watching your countdown clock - I know you must be getting really excited! :o)

  2. your porch looks very inviting... and your crafting shelves look like mine do... LOL. If they were neat, people would know we aren't doing anything with them. I can imagine your excitement and anticipation of waiting for Mattie!


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