Sunday, December 6, 2009

MY weekend....

Well this weekend was a kind of lazy one for me. I have been working on s few Christmas presents while watching tv. I watched "It's a wonderful life yesterday while Roger was putting brakes on our van. We are thinking of taking a small vacation next weekend. It may or may not happen so I am just praying and hoping that it does.
I got to talk with my son today. We were out at the mall and he called, said he was packing things because on MOnday morning at 3:00AM they are headed out to the field for 5 days. It will be very cold and they will be doing the tear gas thing again so he isn't really wanting to go but he has to. Any prayers for Mattie would be appreciated. He is excited about coming home!! So am I, his flight gets in on Friday the 18th at about noon unless there are any delays because of weather.
Speaking of weather.They are talking about the possibility of snow here. Very little chance as the last time I remember there being any snow here was when I was in 8th grade it was Valentine's day 1976!! They~The weather people say that the town my sister lives in may get 6" of snow, I would be suprised if they got any at all. Even 1/2 inch would suprise me.

HOPe everyone is enjoying their Decembers so far.

Blessings, Joann

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