Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am choosing to not be in the ba humbug mood and instead choosing to be cheerful and in the Christmas spririt! I really thought quite a while about the circumstances that led me to feeling so out of the Christmas mood and after some wonderful words from my very good friends and a chat with another friend I have decided that I am not going to let anyone else dictate how I am feeling. I am very happy to have a wonderful husband, very good friends and some very nice family members. I am still mad at Matthew but have decided I am just going to overlook it for now. I will not cause any uproars on Christmas day. I was even considering cancelling his ticket back to Kentucky but figured that would only get him in trouble with the Army and I don't want that. I have decided to take the high road and not let it bother me, well we all know that it will bother me deep down inside but I am not going to let it show. I plan on having a wonderful Christmas morning when Jennifer and her husband Chris and the kids will be coming over bright and early and if Matthew shows up then it will be even better and if not my grand kids will still be here.
I have been praying quite a bit lately and talking with God a lot it seems like, some days it is non stop. I have been thanking him for things that have happened in my life lately, some of which I didn't like in the beginning like this problem I had with my friend but I am now realizing that God knew she was not a person whom I could trust or even count on so he made it to where we are no longer friends. I am rejoicing in that fact know because I have made so many new and wonderful friends since all of her baloney started. I feel very sorry for her and I am praying for her daily that she will one day find the love of God and ask him into her heart. It is so apparent that she has no relationship with God and for this I pity her. Please keep this woman in your prayers, she has a family that takes advantage of her, children that do nothing to help her out in the house and a husband who does even less. They only have a house not a home...I am sure you all know what I mean!

Talking of homes we have made a small change to our entry way, I had a rack that I wanted to use as a coat rack for the longest time and Roger was so nice and put it up for me this past weekend..Also please note that I have been changing over all of my picture frames to Black ones. I have also picked out a new wall color though Roger says he is not doing any painting...We will see!! :)

The new look for our entryway~

I also have a small update for the craft room, I organized the shelving above the computer and also went through a few boxes. Came out with quite a bit of garbage and a large amount of things for goodwill

Shelving above computer before~

and after~

I still have many hours ahead of me in the craft room but it will be so much nicer after it's all done.

I also went through a bunch of fabric that was either laying on the table top or piled in a box and came up with a large see through bin with all the supplies needed to make purses.Isn't that snowflake fabric just too cute...think it will make a pretty lining in a purse. I am working on two purses right now, one is almost done and will be shipped out to it's new home and the other will take a little longer as I decided to change the top part so I have to re embroider the top before I can put it together.

Roger had a good idea (I didn't tell him at the time it was a good idea) but he said why not get out all the supplies that you need to do like 6 things and just put everything else away..wow why didn't I think of that!!! Excuse me but that is what I did have out and we all know what my craft room looked liked..okay well it was maybe more than 6 things but probably only about 10 and it was like a bomb went off. I do plan on scaling back things quite a bit. I am working on things much more slowly than I used to so maybe 6 should be my limit and when and if I complete the 6 I could start 6 more..We will see how it goes.



  1. Hello my dearest friend...Sorry I have been away so long but I have been busy with family and Christmas and this pregnancy here has me so sick lol, I think this may be the last one hehehe. Well I have been praying for you and the situation with Matthew and God is going to fix it you just wait and see. So please don't let this one thing mess up your Christmas Joy, because now is the time to be excited because Jesus was born into our world of sin and he is the best gift we could ever have so smile my sweet sweet friend. Also I received your package in the mail the other day and the children love the goodies bags..and how did you know I was out of bubble bath, before I opened the package I had just made a list of things that I needed at the store and bubble bath was one of them but not now...I love the smell Warm apple pie yum yum....everything was lovely. Well I am sending you a big hug {{{{{Joann}}} and I will talk to you soon...God bless

  2. It is truly easy to get into a "funk" when things don't go as we had anticipated. I agree with a fellow poster who stated that Matthew is just young and immature.... he has no idea how much he has hurt your feelings right now... and probably would be shocked if he knew how much he has upset you. Men just aren't "wired" like women... we are way more complex! I'm glad you are going to enjoy your Christmas, anyway!!! Your craft room looks great; I keep thinking I need to do the same... but maybe next year. :D Love your new black frames in the entry way!


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