Sunday, December 20, 2009


So Sorry dear friends for the title but all of my Christmas spirit has been taken away, you wonder who would take my Christmas spirit.Well I bet you will be suprised to find out that it is my one and only Son Matthew who is only here in CA because we bought him plane tickets.
I have been waiting for so long for him to come, he had a friend pick him up at the aiport which really bummed me out,now it is Sunday night very late and I still have not seen or heard from him. What a nice Christmas gift for me. I am very mad at him right now and even madder at myself that I am allowing him to ruin Christmas for me. But now I am just so sad and heart broken that I just dont' feel in the Christmas mood anymore. Roger is very upset with Matthew too because he knows that he always breaks my heart like this and he is just tired of it.

I did have some fun things happen this past week and for that I am truly happy. First my pen pal Vivian from Columbus Ohio sent me some goodies in the mail. I wasn't expecting anything and she was so genorus with some very nice gifts

Here are some pictures of what I received~

This one is of me holding the things she sent~Sorry that I look horrible in the picture :)

Here is a close up of the shelf sitter and apron, the apron fabric is just beautiful~

She also sent this cute little bag with a gingerbread man on the front and a package of gingerbread mix inside of it along with two very pretty towels and a large red jingle bell and a wooden spoon~

I also received another package in the mail, it was a small package but what it held was enormus amounts of love and hard work. I love homemade things

THis next picture is of the little mini quilt that my dear friend Bren made, I just love it and look and feel it everyday~

I too had things to send to people and here they are all packaged up waiting to be taken to the post office~

I am just waiting for 2010 to get here, I have so many things that are going to be changing, the first on the list is after being a mom for 28 years I will finally be putting myself first!! I have always put my children and their needs before my own and they turned out selfish and self centered so no more!! IT's going to be ME, if this sounds selfish to anyone out there frankly I don't care!!

I don't have any updated pictures of the craft room but I did work in there for a couple of hours today. I put all the things needed to make purses into one large clear bin and it will be labeled so I will know where to find what I need.

Well it's almost midnight so I guess I better go to bed, I will try and have a more merry attitude in the coming days



  1. I am sorry to hear your Bah Humbug news. I am having some Bah Humbug feelings because of my ex-husband this Christmas season (he gave the kids an early Christmas present, which just happens to be the same thing that he KNEW we bought them.) But I am trying hard to stay up-beat. We are all here for you, so vent all you want!

  2. Joann, you received such lovely gifts from your friends.. so very thoughtful. I completely understand your being upset about your son. Maybe he'll get this running around out of his system in time to settle down for Christmas. You deserve to take 2010 to concentrate on YOU. Don't let that idea slip away though.. follow through. You children can take care of themselves now.. you have to take care of you.
    Merry Christmas

  3. So glad you love the wallhanging. I thought it would go with your folk art decor in your eating area. You can throw it on the table too....wash and dry it with your towels.
    You do not sound at all selfish!! NOR did you raise selfish kids. Your son is still very young and immature and does not realize the meaning of family. He will someday soon I promise. He knows you will be there....he thinks his friends will forget him if he does not hang with them. I am so sorry you are so hurt by all this. I would be too. I know how much you could not wait for him to come home. Praying that God comforts will be hard, but embrace him when he does come home. There will be plenty of time to tell him how his actions hurt you.
    Call me later if you want to talk. Lots of LOVE my friend!

  4. I commented on FB ... but i forgot to say that I love your gifts... you got some pretty cool things. Remember, it's all about ME... let's join the red hat society... I think that is their motto. We could be red hat sisters online! :D

  5. Its true what the old saying says: "A child walks on your toes when they are young, but on your heart when they are grown". Hope your Christmas turns out brighter than you think it will.

    Great gifts you got! Merry Christmas!

  6. I'm so sorry about Matthew. I hope he calls you soon. Humbug, indeed! I love your gifts and just want to say you look fabulous!!!!!!


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