Thursday, July 1, 2010

MY "Me" day and how it's going...

This morning after my post I got out my pretty red file box that I wanted to use for my files, I was wanting to get some really pretty colored hanging file folders but I guess they only come in ugly green! That's okay I don't like the green but I will deal with it.

Here is what it looked like this morning~

Now this is what it looks like after all my hard work~

I also finished up the 1st stitching project last night~

I started on the 2nd one~

This is what my wonderful pets were doing while I was doing the filing thing~

The rest of the day and evening I will be reading in this book~

I have 3 people whom I consider my favorite authors, Beth Moore, Stormie Omartian and Elizabeth George. I have many books by all of these authors but this one about adult children is just what I needed right now. The first part of the book even before there is a chapter 1 is a part called What every parent of an Adult child needs to know and then it goes on to list 7 specific things

#1~You need to know it never ends

#2~You need to know you can't fix them

#3~You need to know God can change everything

#4~You need to know you must stop blaming yourself

#5~You need to know you have to forgive

#6~You need to know there is only one perfect parent
#7~You need to know you can Wholeheartedly say, for this adult child I prayed
After reading just this part of the book I think I have used so much highlighter it has run out!!
Last but not least I picked out some fabrics to go with the things I am stitching~


  1. This post choked me up; I'm experiencing heartbreak myself over an adult child. Thank you for this. I have a blog; it's not really going to be everyone's cup of tea. I don't have comments open, but I'm not a mean person either. Just wanted to 'journal' without the trappings of who or what I'm thought of coming right on my page.

  2. Very cute stitcheries, Joann. I love those authors too. I just finished an Elizabeth George book, called 'Loving God with All Your Mind'. It was really good. Winona

  3. Looks like your "Me" day had a lot of work! Love the stitcheries! And the doggies. :)


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