Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Morning Girls...anyone out there interested???

Was just over at CourtneysBlog reading about the groups called Good morning Girls and I would love to have anyone who is interested in being in one to e-mail me. I would like to find people just like me but anyone who is interested is invited too. Go over to her blog and read what it is all about (didn't want to steal her post) if you think it is something you would be interested in doing with me send me your e-mail address- you can post a comment and leave your e-mail in it since I moderate all comments I can edit it out of the comment so it isn't published. This is something that sounds like something that would be very benificial for me and anyone else who has quiet time problems...Please come join me, anyone interested???

My plan if I can find some people is to start on Monday July 19th and do it Mon-Fri but not on the weekends, also I live in Ca so even though I get up early around 4:30AM that is already 7:30 on the East coast so my posts may seem kind of late but they really wouldn't be at least not for me.

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  1. I left you an email about the group...I would love to join just let me know.


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