Wednesday, July 21, 2010

countertop cleaning

Okay I got a little energy and did make some progress in the kitchen. Here are some pictures of my progress.

Countertop on the sink side all cleared off~

Can you see the sink at the end all overflowing with dishes, how sick is that?

Countertop on the stove side all cleared off~

this is the place everything went while I did the cleaning~

My favorite cleaner for the countertops and the grout~

I have found after many years of trying most anything I could find that this type of cleaner works the best on my tile countertop with the white grout. Most other cleaners would never get the white, really white and I like it to be really white looking. This is really great as you just spray it on leave it for a while and then go back and scrub the grout lines with a grout brush and it looks like new.

The stove top cleaner~

I got everything cleaned up real good and put things back on the stove side, you may notice the new electric can opener next to the toaster. That is one of my new servants in the kitchen, I also have a new knife sharpener and does it sharpen a knife like new!

On the sink side it is much cleaner but the putting things back will have to wait until later as I have things drying on it right now~

And you may notice that the sink is now empty, I loaded and ran the dishwasher and washed everything else by hand including my canister set, everything just sparkles and makes me feel so good to get something done.
This is what my two little helper dogs where doing while I was working(the picture is from a few weeks ago but basically this is what they do most every day)~

While waiting for the Tilex to work on the countertops I made a quick trip to Joann's, I had 2 more 40%off coupons that I didn't want to go to waste so this is what I got~
A package of real pretty embroidery floss~
And a nice book of counted cross stitch patterns~

It is now almost 6PM and Roger is on his way home, he left Oakland around 4:30 and will be here sometime between 6:30 and 7PM. I hate his commuting but for now it is what he has to do for a job. I am not sure what we are having for dinner maybe a trip to Subway yummy!!
Have a wonderful evening everyone
Blessings, Joann



  1. Your kitchen is so clean!! I love your bright white tile countertops. I can imagine they are hard to keep clean. Love the doggie pic; that is a very familiar scene at my house. :o)

  2. oh I love white in a kitchen it looks so vibrant and fresh, well done on getting that all done, good to see the dogs were around for a chat if you needed it,cheers Vickie


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