Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday's

Today was another Weight watcher meeting, I really like the lady who does the meeting her name is Angie and she really likes what she is doing and encourages everyone so much.

My weight loss for this week is 1.4 pounds which brings my total up to 27.8, the weight seems to be coming off much more slower than I had hoped but in the process I am not starving myself and I am definately learning how to eat better. Tonight we are having tostadas for dinner without the cheese of course. I was a big cheese eater until I seen how many points they are, then I just stopped using it and I don't miss it a bit. For lunch I had a ham sandwich, some chips and a pickle. I don't really eat a breakfast, but around 10 or so I will have some toast and some fruit. I eat so much more fruit and veggies now that I have ever eaten before and I am actually liking it.Can't wait till summer when all the local fruit stands get set up.


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  1. Good luck!!!! I think you did great with your loss this week!!! Blessings,


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