Tuesday, February 10, 2009

update on the craft room...

You know I started to re-do my craft room about a year ago, this included taking everything out of the room and giving it a good cleaning. When that was finished Roger made me a table top to go with the existing table top so I have table top basically around the perimeter on three walls. We took the ugly wallpaper off of the walls on the East side of the room, this is where I set up my computer area, books, etc. We also painted and put up shelving. Our next step was to move everything from one side of the room to the other so we could finish up the room. But things didn't work out that way, days turned into weeks, then months and now it's been almost a year since we started. It still isn't done, I had planned on just organizing all of my crafts and leaving it this way until we had some time and money to finish it all. Of course with Roger still being out of work we have plenty of time but not the money. Last night we were talking and trying to figure out what we could do without is costing any money. We realized we still had some paint and if I could take the time and remove the old wallpaper off the walls on the other side of the room we could at least paint and it will be a little closer to being done. So last night about midnight I came in here and took down as much wallpaper as I could reach. Why am I telling all of you about this, well it has made my progress go backwards a little bit. I ended up taking the shelving down on two of the walls and now I have everything sitting on top of the table top, frankly it's a mess....to show you what I have done I did take a couple of pictures, though they are messy, also I am going to post the picture of what it did look like..

So here we have the way the shelving and wallpaper looked on the South wall~

Here is the same wall with no shelves and most of the wall paper gone, notice everything piled on the table top??~

Here is the West wall with the shelving and wallpaper~

And here it is with the shelves gone and as much wallpaper as I could reach gone~

So that is all about the craft room..it's still a mess and I think we are going to start painting in here this weekend sometime.

I also sat down last night and finished up that Valentine heart I was working on a while back, it turned out real nice. It smells so nice, I put rose petals in it and now of course my craft room smells like roses too. I love the smell of roses so it doesn't bother me at all.

Here is what the heart looked like all finished~

I can not wait for this room to be done, I see it in my mind exactly how I want it to look. I plan on making a new curtain for the window in a cute pink print and want to make a cover for my sewing machine in the same pink print. Mainly it will be white with little bits of pink all over the place. One thing that I was wanting to do was to change the location of the sewing machine and the computer but because of logistical reasons it's best to keep them where they are. I have a nice area for my cutting mat, even though you can't see it because of all of the junk sitting on it right now. I also have an area that will be blank until I get my light box, Roger has promised to make me one when he gets working again. I have wanted a light box for quite a while now and have just the right place for it to go.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far...tomorrow is my Weight watcher meeting in the morning and then I have a dr. appointment in the afternoon.

Roger and I watched the Charlie Brown Valentine shows that were on tonight, they are such cute shows but I always feel so sorry for Charlie Brown...he never gets a Valentine!!



  1. Lookin good!! Lots of work, but it is that much closer to your dream craft room. I have a homemade lightbox too and LOVE it. It is so much better than a expensive store bought one...those are quite small.
    The heart looks beautiful!

  2. Everything is looking like progress is being made! This room will be wonderful when you are through. I'd love to have some more shelves.

  3. Can't wait to see the room when it's done. Isn't wallpaper the worst? I don't envy you there, lol! I do envy all those shelves, though. ;)

    What color are you painting the room?

  4. You are progressing well, I love the heart yu do such beautiful work!!1
    I too watched Charlie Brown Special, while hubby was gone to a basket ball game. I want to wish you avery Happy Valentines Day.
    Blessings, Sue


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