Friday, January 27, 2012

what a day today has been

Today is Friday and that means grocery shopping day. I had many plans for today that I planned out yesterday, but as someone I used to know said we need to hold our plans loosely because sometimes what we have planned and what God has planned for us do not always work out the same. Too bad God can't send us and email or text ahead of time :)

So instead of getting out going early today as I had planned I woke up with both a horrible headache and miserable back pain and that was at 5AM. I ended up laying back down hoping it would ease some of the pain in my back. The dogs decided that my laying down was not a good idea and continued to pester me until I got back up. By then it was 6:30...After taking a shower, feeding the animals, letting them out to play about 3 different times and calling my mom I was finally ready to go shopping. It was now already 11AM, my day was already almost half over and I hadn't even started anything that needed to get done. So I went to Walmart first, bought some groceries there. They sell the orange pineapple juice I like and also the best ground beef that I like so much better than other places.I came home and unloaded those groceries let the dogs out for a few minutes and had a nice big glass of water. Then I went out to the other Walmart in town as I was looking for dog sweaters for the dogs. The first Walmart I went to didn't have any. This other Walmart didn't either so I ended up getting them matching little dog coats made of fleece. Finally I made it to Winco where I do the majority of our shopping. Got my groceries purchased, stopped at McDonalds for a coke (I love coke from McDonalds and always get one after shopping) then I had to make one more Raleys (another grocery store in our city) they had foster farms chicken breast on sale for 99 cents a pound which is a really good deal. I purchased 12 packages of it. We don't eat much red meat and eat a lot of chicken so this was a great find. I ended up getting home about 3:30pm and put all the groceries away. Then I started dough in my bread machine which I had planned on starting this morning. I also got laundry going also planned on starting that this morning, I guess better late than never. My headache and backache has never felt any better than it was feeling this morning so I was really going slowly on everything I tried to get done today. I was out in the garage changing laundry over from the washer to the dryer and I slammed my finger in the door of the dryer. Now it was no major injury but it HURT A LOT, it actually made me feel sick to my stomach for a while. Now I am sitting here in my craft room it's about 7:30PM and I am still doing laundry, my finger, back and head still all hurt, I am also waiting for my rolls to raise some more. The dough I made today didn't turn out good at all and it isn't raising right...what more could go wrong today??? I dont' even want to know I am ready for bed and plan on heading there as soon as the laundry is done. I made no dinner tonight so when Roger got home from work he had to make himself a sandwich for dinner. I would appreciate any and all prayers so that my tomorrow will not be a repeat of today :) God wouldn't do that would He?? I am sorry if I have babbled on too much I seriously am so sleepy that I don't really remember all that I have written.

Blessings, and have a wonderful weekend, Joann

"To be self controlled, and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind and to be subject to their husbands , so that no one will malign the word of God." Titus 2:5


  1. Oh JoAnn!! I can SO RELATE!!! It's like God sent me to read this....and not to depress me or you, but maybe so I can encourage you?! you take anything for pain (I will take ibuprofen..up to 600 ml. on days like this, but ONCE every 12 hours)? Also, I am so impressed by what you accomplished! Although we are 3, our son eats a special diet (autistics are very, very picky), and the grocery day does take me 3 hours! Living in a bit city, our foods aren't as 'low' when on sale as many other places, but that chicken price was an awfully good deal... I love McD's raspberry iced tea... The month of January had me suffer a huge head/chest cold for 12 days, then right into an intestinal bug for 7....and two days of what I thought was dry eye (very red eye), only to finally evolve into.... PINK EYE.... and that just got treated when I got my cycle (peri-meno!), which is shorter now, but more vicious when here! LOL!!!! barely functioning brain made a much shorter list for hubs with our 3 stores underlined; I managed in a nice downpour to walk (umbrellas are not fun to fold in urban small grocery and pharmacy stores) to: bank, 3 pharmacies and grocery yesterday. I did cook, because this rain was "Noah-esk" and hubs had to leave for work soon after arriving home. I made us a nice meal. However, I collapsed in bed without finishing the dishes last night :-/. Hubs knew my condition and did most. I am WAY better this morning....will pray for you. Seriously, I could not have done that much. Here's to hoping your Saturday (and tomorrow) go way better.

  2. Eileen~ I take anything I can for the back pain, Morphine which doesn't do a thing and then Norco which seems to help a little, also muscle relaxers and anti imflamatory so most days I am hopped up on pills (just kidding)Thanks for you comment, today so far does seem to be a little better :) Also thanks for the prayers. Wish you had a blog, you seem to be someone I would like to read about. Have a great weekend. Blessings,Joann


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