Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 is finally here!

Happy New Year to one and all.

This post will have no pictures as I am trying to get it done pretty fast and pictures always take so long to upload. I will make a more specific post later this week when I have the time. I will be sharing our christmas and other things going on in our home and lives.

This post is about the new year. I was SO happy to see 2011 come to an end. I almost always post about what my goals are for the coming year and each year right before New Years Eve I re read them and realize that I did not accomplish what I had wanted to so this goal list, not that I don't have any just not writing them down for all to see :)

There are a few things I do every new year. The most important one is I take about a week or two and sit down and write my children and grandchildren letters. I know this may sound dumb but I do this so just in case anything happens to me during that year they will have something that I wrote to them to remember me by. If this doesnt' make sense that's okay I just enjoy doing it. I try to look back at previous times and write how I felt about things the good and bad things that happen throughout the year. Another thing I like to do is to get my home in order, this almost always starts with cleaning out cabinets...especially the kitchen ones, getting rid of things we don't need anymore and making room for new things, making it just much more convinient to use all of the cabinets and to find things. I also go through my routines and such and try to re do them to where they will work better for me. I also of course sit down and pray, pray, pray for both the wisdom, strength and energy I so sorely lack for finishing anything that I write a list out for.
This week I will be busy in the kitchen taking everything out of cabinets one at a time and cleaning both the inside and the outside. Getting rid of outdated or unused things and I love the fact of having everything clean to start the year. This will take quite a bit of time as I am almost always moving slow, but slow and steady I WILL get things done.
I truly hope and pray that everyone has a very blessed and beautiful New year ahead of them.

This is the ending for all the letters that I write, not all of it but a few words that I feel are very special.
I give you two things, life and love, the rest you will have to work very hard for and you will become a better person for doing so. I also print the life verse that I pray for that particular person so they know that I have been praying for them for as long as they were alive.


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  1. Happy New Year to you! When my kids were little, I wrote them a couple of letters to reflect on the year behind us. I ran across one of those letters the other day and it brought back memories that even I had forgotten. Your family will truly appreciate them one day!


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