Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

This year for Christmas we drove over to Chris and Jennifer's apartment in Brentwood and had Christmas there.
First though I have to tell you the story of the Belle Doll :) Katie has an american girl doll and we had bought some clothes in the princess and me doll line by Disney. We bought two very pretty outfits. My mom also bought her an outfit. We went over to my mom's house the day before Chirstmas and had Katie and Dylan open their gifts from her as she couldn't make it to Jennifer's the next day. We were very sad when the outfit she had bought didn't fit, I dont' know much about any of these dolls other than they are outrageously priced. Now we knew we had outfits that also won't fit. So we thougth about it on the drive back home and decided to go ahead and stop at toys r us and see about getting the doll for her. Well the doll cost a fortune but they did have a kind of good deal, you buy a doll and you get three outfits for free and also a tea service for two. So of course we bought the doll so that way all the clothes would fit. I have to say that toys r us wasn't too bad for it being late in the afternoon on christmas eve.

Here are some pictures from Christmas~

Not many pictures but we had a real nice time. We ended up going to Denny's for a late lunch and then came home.

We got all of our Christmas things down and put away because we were leaving on a short vacation to Oregon for a few days.

We left home on Tuesday morning and go to where we were going around 6pm, unfortunately I wasn't feeling well so we ended up not staying except for the one night and then we drove home. We did look at some land while we were up there but nothing looked like we wanted to buy it. So we are still on the search.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, Blessings,Joann


  1. Not bad.... from two outfits to five outfits, a doll, and a tea set. Looks like you guys had a very Merry Christmas!

  2. glad things worked out! things like that happen to me all the time lol
    i'd be thrilled if you printed out my menu list- all i ask is that if you do so for public use that you give me credit :)
    i looked for an email or reader button to sub to your blog and there isn't one! add it girl lol!!


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