Thursday, June 30, 2011

Working on homekeeping schedules..

today I started to tackle my biggest problem in my home right now ME!!!

I used to be very dilligent about getting things done and everything had to be just so and I tried to step back and not worry so much about getting things done but I think I stepped back way too far...Now nothing is getting done so I am going back to my old schedule with a few little tweaks to it.

You probably can't tell by the pictures but I have the prettiest light purple paper that I printed everything out on and I really like it. I find if I like things and they are pretty to me I am more apt to use them.

I have been editing the daily pages to get rid of items like scoop litter box since we don't have Oreo anymore and things I don't need on them but they are not all done yet. So please excuse the way they look right now.

Here are all the pages lined up~

And then in daily form~






This is how I am putting them together~

The first page is the weekly menu calendar and then the weeks daily chores pages.~

I also have a page for monthly menu planning but have to work my way up to that one, struggling just to do a few days at a time right now.

Don't know for sure if this will work but I always will give something a whirl and see what does and doesn't work for me. Basically I really just have to let go and let God help me with this. I want to do what I am doing for the glory of God and Him alone. Not so that my home will be like a picture in a magazine or so people will see it and say " oh my your home is beautiful,". I like my home to have that lived in look but be clean and a place of refuge for my husband to come home to every night after his long commute. Who wants to come home to a dirty home every night.

Please leave a comment if you would like and let me know how you organize your homekeeping schedule or a link to it if you have a blog.

I feel as though I am not living up to my expectations I have for myself at being a homekeeper. This is the only job I want and I want to do it well. ANd please don't think for a minute that everyday everything on the lists get done. Take today for example I did start dinner in the crockpot this morning and I did most of the morning chores but I did none of todays cleaning chores (the kitchen) and we will have to see what happens tonight with the evening chores. I do have laundry going but it's been cool here the past few days and even though I knew it was going to get hotter today it really kind of snuck up on me and I now have a raging headache, I am hot and there are a million things to get done. Thankfully I have a new day ahead of me tomorrow :)

I printed out pages for menu planning from

Menu pages~



And last but not least, Roger and I both got one of these phones the other day, having fun with it but will take me months to really figure it out :).....

My new phone, it has a real pretty purple case on it but you can't really see it~

Have a wonderfully blessed day in the Lord.


  1. I hope all goes well for you, JoAnn, with your system!!! :o)

  2. My hat goes of to you Joann, when the children wer eyounger I was the list queen of to do's and menu planning..but alas now it gets done when/if time permits..I am much more relaxed..but there are times when I go like a whirlwind to get all up too scratch again...I truly think doing it daily I had more tiem on my hands,all the best cheers Vickie


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