Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

Today I found out that the red pen I bought the other day works just great for transfering patterns. There are two pieces of the winter wonderland pattern that are quite large and I wasn't sure if I had enough white Kona cotton, but I did.

Winter wonderland pattern from

*(I believe if you click on the photos they will enlarge and you can see them much better)

The two large patterns are the holly border and the one that says walking in a winter wonderland.

I found out they would be too large to transfer on my small table I normally use so I found another way to do the transfering of the large patterns...

I used the large window in my living room~

Here is a close up of the pattern all transfered~

The only problem I could find with using the window was the fact that it is such a detailed pattern it really hurt my back to stand there and transfer it. I ended up doing it in sections with rest periods in between.

I have had this pattern for a while and normally only think about doing it when it is already Christmas time. Maybe if I can get started on the embroidery sometime this week I can get this done before Christmas :)

Today is also June 15th wich means for me reading chapter 15 in Proverbs...sometimes it seems like God is certainly using His Word to get my attention. I have just recently been very harsh in my speaking and this chapter humbled me to the core. I love this chapter of Proverbs because it always seems to speak to me and I always learn something from it. I love being in the Word of God everyday and it helps me to get through the day. We also used our Air conditioner for the first time in quite a while today, yesterday the outside temp was almost 100' and it got up to 87' in the house, even with the ceiling fans it was unbearably HOT!!! I do not do good in the heat so today Roger turned the air on for me and it was most comfortable all day.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, may you have a wonderful tomorrow and rest of the week. May you find many blessings along your road in life....



  1. Oh wow Joann that is gorgeous..I am positive you will finish it and do it great justice..what a mammoth tracing job to undertake also..cheers Vickie

  2. I saw this quilt at a quilt show a few years ago, and have thought about it often! I can't wait to see your progress!

  3. Oh Joann, this will be such a lovely project. Please continue to share with us as you work on it. You know how much I love redwork. Have fun, my friend.


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