Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Testimony

Hello all and welcome to my blog, today I would like to share with you all my testimony of how I became a Christian.

I grew up in a non Christian home, I grew up in a catholic home and no that is not a Christian home. We went to church every Sunday for exactly 1 hour and if it ran even one minute more all you heard when you left was how long the service was. These people were complaining about having to be at church for a few more measly minutes. My home was not a place where anyone was encouraged to pray, or to read the Bible. We had the token large white Bible that only sat on a shelf under the popes picture. Do I believe the catholic church is a cult YES I DO!!

I remember going to CCd classes throughout my schooling days and then when I was older..i was probably about 24 -26 and I had watched a program on tv strange enough it was the Jim and tammi Bakker show and they talked about how you can pray to God and read the Bible anytime you wanted. Then came my inquiring at the catholic church about lent. I asked many people but not many could explain to me why and what the reason for lent was. All I know about the catholic version is that you give something up for 40 days before easter. My sister always gives up candy. I thought this was rather strange. I found out many years later that lent originally was when someone stopped doing some sort of sin for the 40 days and prayed to never do it again.

When my son was 2 years old and my daughter was 11 years old I asked Jesus to become my savior and my life changed immensley I got tired of the catholic church not being able to answer my questions and I really didn't like the fact that they basically say that regular people can't read the Bible for themselves, they need a preist to interpret it for them...what a bunch of baloney. We started to attend a protestant Church and finally for the first time I felt free to worship Jesus as I wanted to, No more rote prayers said as a whole. I could talk to Jesus whenever and wherever I wanted to . I also found out that in the Bible it says that Jesus forgives us our sins and that he also forgets our sins this is not what I was taught in the catholic church.IT also says in the Bible that when we die we will be with Jesus if we are born again and have asked him into our hearts.

I remember going to my brothers funeral about 9 years ago and the priest mentioning the fact that we all had to pray for him to get out of purgatory, I personally don't pray for dead people, I feel that their fate is sealed when they die. they either go to Heaven if their name is written down in the Lambs book of life or they go to Hell.

My life has been so much more meaningfull and happy since I became a Christian but sadly my family is still in the grips of the caholic church. They think because they are a catholic then life is just wonderful and since they are not bad then everything will be fine. They could not be more wrong. I have been told by some catholics that they are Christians, I don't think so you can not be a Bible believing Christian and also follow all the rules and such of the catholic Churh.

The catholic religion has made their own Bible including books that are not authentic and have changed the ten commandments making them okay to bow down to idols!! I pray daily for my family that are still brainwashed by the catholic church and really hope someday they will see the light of Christ.

So basically my testimony is that I was able to reject the religion of the catholic church to begin my new life as a child of God and I am so more fulfilled and happy than I have ever been.

I know that when the time comes I and breath my last on earth I will open my eyes and see Jesus, my King and savior.

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  1. Freedom of choice gave you the way to a happier more fullfilled religon, good on you for writing this post,cheers Vickie


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