Friday, February 24, 2012

Lots going on this past week...

I decided the other day to get out my keeper at home binder, one problem-- I had no idea where it was! Can you believe it? What a great keeper at home person I am :) After searching for a few hours and yes it took a few hours to find it I got it all set out to start marking things off that I had gotten done.

This is Monday's page, as you can tell No items are checked off isnt' that just sad, I always seem to have good intentions of getting things done but have the hardest time following through and actually doing them. I did get some of the items done but not all of them. I am usually pretty good at doing the morning things though there has been quite a few times when the morning things end up being more like afternoon things :)

Wednesday's list didn't get much better....

ANd by Thursday I had really given up. Oh I do things just not what I have on my lists, this means another redo of my list of things to get done. I think the list is too long but some of the reason the list is long is that I break everything down so I remember to do everything.This next week I will give it another try and see what I can get done :)

The other day in the mail, I received this beautiful gift from my friend Treva. It is so pretty and so is the card. She put a lot of work into it and I really just love it.

Today the UPS person delivered this~

MY old bread machine stopped working about 2 or so weeks ago and I ordered another one on Sunday and was suprised when it came today. This new one makes a loaf horizontally not vertical though I only use the dough cycle, this one has two blades for mixing so hope that will improve the quality of the dough.. I prefer to bake my bread in my oven.

Plan on testing it out this weekend so will see how it does.

Today being Friday it was also grocery shopping day and today's total was $125 not very good

I got lots of fresh fruits and veggies YUMM!!

This is the ground beef I get at Walmart, it's only 4% fat and it has such a good flavor and when you cook it up there is very little fat that comes out of it. It cost $4.58 per pound but oh so worth it for the taste.The reason it looks kind of funny is that I pulled it out of the freezer to take the picture of it.

I certainly hope to have some much more productive days next week. I need to work on my to do lists and I also need to work on my getting sidetracked onto other things.

Please have a very blessed weekend.



  1. Let me know how the bread machine work's mine is getting pretty old too.. : )

  2. I know this is an older post, but I still wanted to respond: As a former "messy," who now understands the power of list-making, I would recommend that you shorten your own lists considerably. The length and detail are likely bogging you down.

    Try keeping the daily to-do list only six things long, at most. You don't need to detail it right down to your bed time. If there's laundry (e.g., bedding) that needs to be done on a Thursday, for example, simply mark the list, "Laundry: Bedding." Anything you miss one day simply goes to the top of your 'six list' for the next day.

    Try keeping it simple.


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