Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter here at our house

I am finally getting pictures and my thoughts up about our Easter. We had our entire family over for Easter. We had and Easter Egg hunt and then a nice lunch of ham, baked potatoes and salad.

Prior to Easter Sunday Roger had been doing lots of work to our backyard, I do most of the supervising and he does most of the physical work. He is a very hard worker and whatever he does it's always done as perfect as he can.

We bought reed fencing to put along the back fence and I think it looks real nice. Roger also bought some stain for the wooden fences and the planters in the back yard. I picked out the color of barn red.

Here is what the back fence and yard look like now~

He also managed to get the entire back patio pressure washed and cleaned up real nice.

Here are pictures of the back patio~

Here are some pictures of the day, it turned out to be not a sunny day but cold and cloudy so we had a fast egg hunt and then we ended up eating inside because it was only in the 50's. It is very hard to find seating for 18 people in our house even when we set up a table in the living room.

Easter baskets for Katie and Dylan~

Katie in her pretty Easter dress~

Dylan and Katie with their Easter baskets~

Jennifer just had to take Mandy out for the Easter egg hunt~

Living room with people at Easter~

Saturday night before Easter Sunday we went looking to buy some chairs for our table, we only had the benches and I was missing a nice chair to sit in. We found a nice set in black that ended up costing not that much more for a new table and chairs than just buying the chairs by themselves. I like both the color (black), the shape of the table (square) and the nice back on the chairs.

Our weather here has been undecided I guess it can't decide wether to be cold or warm, cloudy or sunny, rain or sun. This coming week it is supposed to be back cold and raining again. I wasn't totally ready for the hot weather so this is perfectly fine with me.

I was reading an article that I had printed out form the Revive our hearts website and it was talking about "joy" I really liked what it had to say and I have really been praying about being blessed with joy again and being able to do things with joy in my heart. Too many people and things had taken over my heart with bad thoughts but I am now taking my heart back and filling it with joy. JOy that comes from my wonderful relationship with the Lord. I want to be able to once again find joy in doing things around the home as a home keeper would do. Joy in serving my husband and making him happy and most of all doing all I do for the Glory of God.



  1. Welcome back dear friend, I really missed talking with you....You guys seem to have had a wonderful time for Easter and everything was so have some beautiful grandchildren. Again stop by and visit me when you get time....

  2. It is good to see you post! Your yard is beautiful, and it is great to hear that you had your family over at Easter! Have a good week! Hugs to you!

  3. The yard looks great and I love the pictures of your family at the celebration! I've been behind on blog reading as we changed computers and the bookmarks haven't been transferred over. I've missed reading all the blogs!


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