Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mandy is 5 months old now!!

She is getting bigger and when we took her to get her rabies shot yesterday she weighed in at 4.5 pounds. I still need to call the vet to schedule her appointment for spaying next month.

This is a picture of what the little girls do most of the day :)

Katie and Jennifer came over Sunday afternoon, we had a nice visit and then had dinner. Roger BBQ'd steak and chicken it was very good

Katie in our backyard~

Roger worked very hard this past weekend and finished up replacing the doors in the hallway. They were a very ugly wood color and now they are all white and it makes the whole hallway look so much cleaner and bright looking.

The hallway~

I have still done NO crafting yet, have you ever heard of writers block? Well I think I have crafters block. The project I want to work on is the shower curtain for the hallway bathroom So far all I have done is sewn 2 twin sized flat sheets together and put a valance on top. I am wanting to applique some prim looking things onto it. The shower curtain is dark blue and then the things I want to put on it will be in either a light tan or dark tan. The main colors in that bathroom are black and dark blue. I know exactly how I want the curtain to look when it's done in my head I am just having a hard time getting it out of my head and on to the curtain. Does this make sense to anyone??

I am going to try and work on something to finish that curtain this week but so far all I have done is look at it a lot. I did use my new extension table the other day for a light box and transfered some embroidery patterns.

Can't remember if I posted pictures of the extension table so here it is~

Of course right now I can't even hardly find it, as it's under a bunch of junk!! Sadly it's a flat surface and I am a piler, any flat surface just beckons to me to be piled on :)


  1. Ah Joann, great pictures. Your granddaughter is so cute and I love your little dogs. What would we do without our furbabies once we become empty nesters? LOL Love the extension on your sewing machine. My dear, I am slowly getting my desire for quilting back. I picked up a project that was almost done and that has helped me to get my mojo back. LOL I am thinking a fabric shopping trip, might just put the icing on the cake. (grin) You'll get your crafting desire back. Just hang in there. Love to you, Winona

  2. Katie looks like a good helper! :o)
    I go thru spurts where I do not want to sew either... But it comes back... Maybe choose a small, easy to finish, project that will get you over the hump... :o)


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