Sunday, April 24, 2011

My little boy turns "21" today!!!!!

Our youngest child turns "21" today. Matthew Thomas William Bates was born way back in 1990 on April 24th at 8:02 PM.

Mattie you are our most favorite son we could ever have!! We love you very much and I found a few pictures of your years growing up, very nice memories.....

Happy Birthday Mattie,
We love you very much and pray that the Lord Blesses you immensley on your birthday and all the days of your life.

Mattie one month old, May 1990~

Mattie and Jennifer May 1990~

Your 4th birthday part with the family at the park in Escalon, April 1994~

Your first day of school, August 1995, Kindergarten, Mrs. La Rossa, room A-1 Dent elementary Escalon

Giving Mom a great big smile while playing around on your bunk beds with your new comforter, January 1996~

Look at what a cutie you were, and still are :) January 1993~

You always loved to play in cabinets in the kitchen~

You and Mom at the In and Out burger in Bakersfield on our way to Disneyland,July 31, 2000~

You and Roger in our Motel room across the street from Disneyland , looks like you are both worn out from all the fun!!!, July 31, 2000~

Your 16th birthday party, the pirate party!! April 2006~

Sadly this year you are many, many miles from home in the middle of a desert in Iraq, but I still know it is your birthday and you will be in my thoughts as you always are every day of my life.

Lots of Love, we miss you bunches and bunches. Remember you will always be my little SB :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Mattie, May God Bless and
    keep you for many many more wonderful birthdays...Joann there is something coming in the mail for you and Roger I mail it yesterday Saturday so be on the look out.....


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