Thursday, February 2, 2017

Update on moving to Idaho :)

 Above picture is of the choices we made this trip to Idaho. We picked out the granite for the counters and the rest we had already picked out on our last trip. I think it all looks very good together but it was very hard to choose colors because it was such a sunny day so this was my second or third choice as the first choice I had my sunglasses on and boy did it make the colors look so different. We are both happy with our choices and with the progress on our new home. I was so excited when we first got to Idaho Falls that I really wanted to go right out and see the home but it was night time and it was snowing so we had to wait till morning.....oh what a long night that was for me :)
 tile and cabinet color inside the business that is making the cabinets, that floor tile sure looks different when there isn't any sun shining on it.
 This is the color for the laundry room counter, I love the way it looks!
This picture was taken from in front of our new home looking east, you can't really tell from these cell phone pictures but there are some beautiful mountains right behind the homes.
 This picture is taken looking south from our new driveway, after the snowplow had gone through. When we firs went out there it hadn't been plowed yet but our new truck made it through very nicely, I felt very safe.

We are still on track for our May 22 move date and every day it gets one day closer and I get more excited. We both loved the snow and I especially liked the quietness . You would think you would only have quiet out in Rigby because it is so much smaller than Idaho Falls but it was just as quiet standing outside our motel room. I was just amazed. The doggies alsoo seemed to like the snow also, Molly  for sure, Mandy not so much she enjoyed being in the nice warm truck. The first day we were there I wasn't doing very well but after buying some nice warm boots I was feeling much better.

We also got to meet up with Miranda our interior design person and I so enjoyed seeing her again. I can't wait to meet her husband and children when we move up there and have more time. I have not actually packed anything yet it seems to early but I have boxes and I have been going through everything I come across.

This last picture is of the sold sign in front of our new home, my favorite picture!!

 So this last visit we met up with the builder, the cabinet maker, tile person, fence person, landscape person and still had time to just enjoy ourselves. We were busy and didn't get to do everything we had planned but we got a lot of things done and questions answered. We feel so  much more comfortable with our new home and its progress. It is very hard to have a home built in another state but we are getting through the process one day at a time.

"To be self controlled, and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind and to be subject to their husbands , so that no one will malign the word of God." Titus 2:5

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  1. Joann, you must be SO excited!! It's all going to be so pretty!!


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