Thursday, April 23, 2009

One of the stitcheries done for the kitchen

I have a few minutes here to post a picture of the stitchery I completed for the kitchen. I have a total of 4 rectangle shaped stitcheries. They are from one of those iron on transfers~ I don't use that type very often but when I seen they had this new prim one I just had to get it~

I am putting the one that says "prim blessings" on it and the one with the sheep into a small quilted wall hanging for my dining area and then the other two will be made into seperate wall hangings for the kitchen area under the cabinets on the stove side of the kitchen.

here is the one I finished~

I have started the sheep one but just last night so not much done on it yet. I am planning on using some plaid fabric for the borders around them but not sure. I don't do well working with plaid. I always want it to be perfect looking. Those curtains I made I sewed and ripped out at least twice before they looked half way decent.

Tomorrow Roger and I have lots of errands to run and then I need to do some home keeping. I need to clean the hallway bathroom, sweep and mop in the kitchen (I washed all the carpets last night) and then vacuum the rest of our home. We are having Matthew's 19th birthday party here on Saturday night. I also need to make his cake. His favorite is white cake and chocolate frosting, also my favorite too!!

Have a great Friday!!

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  1. Hey there girlfriend! I just got your card in the mail today. I am so blessed to have such a dear friend like you remember my special day!!! *hugs*

    I was just catching up on reading your blogs and looking at your pics. (Being without computer and internet for a while!) The family pics are wonderful and my haven't you been crafty lately. I have been doing some embroidery lately as well.

    You are blessed with a hubby who loves to do things for you and the house/yard. It looks great!!!

    Talk to you soon. Stop in and see me at my blog ok??

    God's Blessings,
    Amy Jo


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