Monday, April 27, 2009

Looking well to the ways of my household

Friday I did some cleaning for Matthew's birthday party on Saturday. I had Roger help me move the table out of the dining area so I could really vacuum and mop all of the floor~

Here are all of the chairs and carpet in the living room~

Let the cleaning begin, first I vacuumed the floor~

Then I got the mop water ready, I just love this cleaner it makes the house smell real nice~

Ready to Mop~

While I was taking a break from Mopping in the dining area I did the hallway bathroom



While I was cleaning I took a few minutes to put our dinner together so it was all ready to go in the oven~

Our fruit basket in need of some good fruit~

After grocery shopping it is better looking now~

Friday is also our grocery shopping day so I cleaned the refrigerator outside and inside~

Before Grocery shopping~

After Grocery shopping~

Then I went to work on making Matthew's cake ~

Mixing it up~

Ready to go in the oven~

Out of the oven~

Kitchen all clean after a day of homekeeping activities~

Clean up from cake making~

Clean kitchen stove side~

The dining area all cleaned and put back together~

It felt very good to get all of these things done, it was a very exhausting day but so worth it.

I pray that everyone has a wonderful week. I will be putting up a post of Matthew's birthday party either later tonight or tomorrow


  1. Your home is just beautiful! Everything looks so clean and cozy. A haven!

  2. That's the same stuff I mop with! And you're does make the whole house smell great! Happy late Birthday to Matthew!


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