Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Matthew turns 19 !!!

Saturday we celebrated Matthew's birthday, he turned 19 on the 24th of this month. I can't believe my children are so old, makes me feel soooooo old too.

Most of my pictures of Matthew growing up are not on the computer so you will just have to take my word for it that he was a cutie when he was little!

Matthew and some of his friends and our family came over Saturday evening. The days before this day were very HOT almost 100' and because of this I decided to make his get together for the evening so it wouldn't be too Hot. Guess what it turned out to be down right cold that evening. We started out in the Gazebo but ended up inside as it was not only cold but breezy.

Here he is outside in the Gazebo~

Here is Matthew with his Birthday cake~

Matthew and some of his friends~

Katie eating some of the cake~

Me and Matthew~

Matthew reading the card we gave him~It says It's a blessing to have a son like you!

I took this picture of Matthew and his cousins with their arms folded not smiling just for the fun of it~

Here is Jennifer and Matthew~

And Jennifer and Katie (I just love Katie's smile in this one)~

Here is Chirs holding Katie and her balloon~

This is my Mom with Matthew~

We all ended up having a wonderful time.

I finished the embroidery pattern for the purses I am making for Mother's day and for Jennfier's birthday, now I just need to transfer the pattern to the fabric and start embroidering it. I made it very simple and not too detailed so it should go pretty fast. I am wanting to make purses both for my Mom and for Roger's mom for Mother's day and also a purse for Jennifer's birthday (May 18th) and would like to make matching wallets and coin purses. I am starting with the purses and I will see how much time they take and then decide on the wallets and such.


  1. Oh Joann,what wonderful pics...looks like all had a wonderful time..your Matthew sure is a strapping looking young lad..cooler weather don't look like it dampened anyone's spirits,
    cheers for now Vickie
    p.s. I received my card in the mail today it was such a lovely surprise and so thoughtful of you..thanks so much

  2. Happy Birthday Matthew!!
    Looks like a wonderful party. He has your eyes!
    I noticed your favorite version of the Bible is the ESV....I have that on my wish list. I really want one...I found a GORGEOUS mint green leather bound one that was small enough to fit in my purse but big enough to see clearly. I had it in my hands to buy when my DIL asked me "What kind of Bible do I need to get" I was shocked. She did NOT OWN a Bible. I put that one back and bought her a pink and brown women's study Bible. Someday I will get my mint green ESV. ;)

  3. Happy Birthday, Matthew! What a good looking 19 year old you have there, Joann. How tall is he? The rest of your family is looking well, too! Love Katie's smile, too. She's a cutie.


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