Sunday, September 18, 2011

the top 5 blogs that I love to read...

Just a random post, needed something more uplifting than my last post. I apologize for my last post it was just babbling nonesense that comes late at night when I have a real bad headache.

I wanted to share with you all what my favorite blogs are to read and the women who have them, most are my friends and when I say friend I mean I may have never met them in person but I enjoy a friendship through the internet.

#1 and please remember these blogs are in no particular order, though I do have two that I would say are the top two.

DeNiece over at organizedhomemakingforChrist is a very very wonderful and Godly woman, she is as sweet as can be and I have done both emailed with her for years and have spoke with her on the phone for quite a while. Her blog is very honest and is just a joy to read. She has made some video tours of her home and days in her kitchen they are just so much fun to watch and I love her North carolina accent. She doesn't put on a show for people she is just who she is. She loves The Lord with all her heart and it shows in the things she says and the things she does, she is very honest and open about most anything. She also has a great love for both her husband and her children, she homeschools her children and she is a stay at home mom who loves her job.I feel honored DeNiece to call you my friend:)

#2 Katy over at The country blossom is another lady that I love reading her blog. She is also a stay at home Mom and homeschooling Mom and she loves her job too. She does many things everyday and when reading her blog you can just feel how much joy she finds in doing the everyday things. She also love the Lord with all her heart and her husband and children. I do also want to mention that a while back I had left a comment on her blog, a not very nice comment and she emailed me and said that I had really hurt her in what I had said and so of course I apologized for what I had said and asked her to forgive me and her and I have still been friends, she is a wonderful friend to have and I figure those who actually have a real life friendship with her are truly blessed. She makes amazing meals for her family and her home though very simple is absolutey beautiful. I am happy and feel lucky to count her among my friends.

#3 Winona over at catloverandquiltmaker

Now Winona is different than the other two I listed in the fact that she is more like me(I hope that isn't an insult to her) she and her husband are empty nesters like we are and she loves to craft. Her blog has the most beautiful creations that she has put together and she is so fast and dilligent about getting things done, OKay on that she is nothing like me:) I remember reading her blog one morning talking about a pieced rooster pattern that she wanted to try, she hadn't done it before and I went to her blog either that afternoon or evening and there was a picture of the rooster all done, well it wasn't quitlted yet but the top was done. That is what I mean, for me I would have sat down and thought about how to do it and what colors to use ect... probably for hours even days and here she already had it done and it was beautiful. Anything she metions about working on or wanting to work on she will have either done or a major part of it done in just hours. She makes the prettiest purses and small wall hangings. I love being able to call her my friend.

#4 Khris over at sewprimkhris Khris is someone I met through a swap, she was hosting the FRIENDS Swap a few years ago and I joined. She is a lovely lady and always seems to know how I am feeling and almost always has to say to me things I am just needing to hear. She is a wonderful uplifter of people around her and she has made an impact on my life that I have no words to say how much she has helped me to get out of my funk and start enjoying life again. Khris I do so appreciate your friendship. She also does many types of crafts and loves prim things as I do but she is much better at crafting than I am.
Khris I treasure our friendship.

#5 Linda over at all-stitched-up

Last but not least, Linda is a very high class stitcher, she embroiders so well and it just seems to come naturally to her. She has made some beautiful patterns and quilts. Her stitches are so small and uniform that it is amazing when you see it. I have embroidered for years now and I don't even come close to doing as good a job as she does. I purchased one of her patterns a while back and of course it is still in the package it came in :0 her blog is a joy to read and I learn all kinds of new things always. I do consider Linda a friend but other than leaving comments on her posts and maybe an email here and there we are not real great friends. But I still list her as my friend because I enjoy her blog and I enjoy her.Thanks for being my friend Linda.

Well there you have it, my list of blogs that I love to read and a little about the blog owners. I read many blogs but only a few do I feel that I have an actual relationship with the owner.Now this is only my side of the friendship there may be a different feeling on their side if there is I am not aware of it.I love to meet new people on blogs, I love to make friends but as always I am very leary of getting too close. Too many times burned by someone who I thought to be my friend. I love it when you have a friend who is a true sister in Christ, and even if you do something wrong or you don't agree about something you work it out and move on I remember a while back when I was just having a busy time in my life and DeNiece had emailed me and I didn't get back to her for quite a while, the next thing she did was email and ask me "did I do something?" and I just loved her for that. I have had many differences with friends in the past and some are true sisters in Christ and we get through it and some are not, they talk the talk but they don't truly walk the walk, those are the ones to watch out for.

Please have a very blessed Day in the Lord and may your week ahead bring you nothing but joy and happiness.


  1. Joann what can I say... For once I am speachless lol....Thank you for all the wonderful things you had to say about me, ok I am blushing now. You to are a friend to me and the feeling is mutual. I too love how you are real about what goes on in your life and just for being you. I have always tried to be who I am on and off my blog, I do have a strong love for God and my family I try to show it everywhere I go and let my light shine for Christ. I just wanted to thank you for your friendship over the years.

  2. Thank you Joann, for such kind and loving words. I truly am appreciative of all the things you had to say. I am so very far from perfect, truly, but am thankful that the goodness of Christ, in me, is able to shine through my wretched self! ;) I hope you are having a lovely week! :)


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